My Best Friend Patrick


Flashback Friday. I wrote this the night I said goodbye to my best friend, Patrick.

Teton was my first love, but I believe it is fair to say Patrick was my first true romance.  Patrick took so many of my deepest fears and darkest secrets with him.  He never gossiped. He never shared.  He was simply a faithful listener.  Patrick taught me how to canter.  I never could do that until one day Patrick was tired of trotting around all of the time and decided to take off loping.  Smooth and easy he took care of me and it was that moment I learned what freedom is. 

When I first learned I could take Patrick home, I cried.  Not in happiness.  I was afraid if I took Patrick I would never get to bring Teton home.  The first time I road Patrick he bucked!  Terrified we loaded him on the trailer and two of my uncles brought him home on 12/22/1999 Then, while the barn was being built, we had a temp shed where I learned how amazing Patrick was.  I sat in the corner of his stall and he came over there to me, put his noes in my lap and while he stood, I sat and we got to know each other.  It was magic from then on out.

I am grateful for my nearly 12 years with an amazing bay Mustang who changed my world.